Thursday, 7 June 2012

Yesterday we went through the Harecastle Tunnel, which took around 40 minutes to complete.
The canal has changed to an orangery colour due to the minerals in the water.
Shortly after the tunnel we joined the Macclesfield Canal. This was a very unusual junction. The Trent and Mersey continued straight ahead with two locks taking it downhill. We turned left onto the Macclesfield, went around two right hand bends, and then crossed an aqueduct over the Trent and Mersey. After 2 miles we stopped at a small village called Scholar Green.
Shortly after mooring up, we had two visitors. Peter & Hazel Brook, Wendy's aunt & uncle. After coffee, they took Wendy up the Mow Cop. This is a hill 1100ft above sea level. On top is Mow Cop Castle. On this hill in 1807 Hugh Bourne a wheelwright created the Primitive Methodists.  In 1962 70,000 disciples climbed the hill, which is considered to them a Holy Mountain.
Peter & Hazel, then joined us for a very enjoyable evening at The Rising Sun. Can we thank them for a very enjoyable day.
Today the weather is horrible, with continuous rain. We will be having a clean up today and a visit to the village store.

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