Saturday, 23 June 2012

We apologise for not keeping you up to date, we have been in Stalybridge since Tuesday.
Wendy had a successful trip to Birmingham on Wednsday, arriving back in Stalybridge around 7.30pm.
On Thursday, we walked into the town and looked around, then stayed on the boat in the evening.
Friday, the heavens opened. The local River Tame flooded.
A friend we had met in Greece visited us at night, and we went out and had a lovely meal, followed by a drink in the pub nearest the boat.
Today, after stocking up with provisions, and allowing for the rain to stop, we set off once again.
Due to the bad weather we are now at Millbrook, only 2 miles and 4 locks from Stalybridge. However the boat is now filled with water, but we are in a dilema. We have 3 days to travel 8 miles and 16 locks, before we are booked into Standege Tunnel on Wednesday.
On the plus side we are now in the Penines, hills towering all around us.
Tomorrow we will venture out (weather pemitting) and take some pictures of the surrounding area.
Hope everybody back home are ok, and the weather is not as bad as it is here.

The picture above is where we moored for 4 nights in Stalybridge (note the weather)

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