Saturday, 30 June 2012

We woke up this morning and realised the water had dropped, so much so that we were grounded, and the boat was leaning heavily to one side.
At 9.00am a boat was coming up towards a nearby lock. Pete went and helped open the lock which allowed water down, which helped re-float us. So we set off for Slaithwaite.
The weather has been very warm and sunny, with the occasional shower.
We had 11 locks to complete in 2 miles.
All the locks were empty, which meant we had to fill them up, bring the boat in and then empty them again, which took a lot of time.
We arrived in Slaithwaite at 14.00pm.
We will stay here until Monday morning, as we have had a number of bad reports about mooring in Huddersfield over the weekend.
We have had a quick look around Slaithwaite, and it looks lovely. We will take some photographs tomorrow and put them on here.
Having a great time and Wallace has made many friends

Our Mooring in Slaithwaite

Going through Slaithwaite

Our Mooring on Friday night before the water dropped

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