Friday, 8 June 2012

We have moved on today. We were moored near a hire boat company. By 11.00am you could see a lot of activity and hire boats returning. At one point there was 2 boats tied together taking up half the canal, and then us on the other side. A recipe for disaster.
The weather brightened up a little so we thought, lets go for it.
An epic journey of 3 miles.
We are now in Congleton. Had a meal in the Queens Hotel, which was basic but good. The people were very friendly, and it got us off the boat away from the rain.
It is now 21.50, wood burner is burning well, radio reception good, no television because we are in valley so no signal. Single light on to save batteries, Wendy has glass of wine and I have a beer. Very relaxing. Now you wouldn't do that at home would you?

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