Monday, 11 June 2012

Yesterday we set off hoping to visit Macclesfield. Unfortuntely the only visitors mooring was too shallow and we couldn't get near the bank to moor. This is a real shame, you would have thought that the people of Macclesfield would have done something about this to promote tourism.
So we carried on, finding good moorings at Bollington, next to the Adelphi Mill. We filled up with diesel at Bollington Wharf prior to mooring.
We have worked it out that we are currently using 5.3 litres of diesel per day. This includes our heating as well as travelling.
We are also 539ft above sea level.
The Macclesfield Canal is a lovely canal, shallow in places, but very scenic with lots of bridges and aqueducts, making the journey interesting. Especially when Wendy grounds the boat.
The Adelphi Mill was constructed in 1856 by Martin Swindells, a local cotton spinner. He built the Adelphi for his two sons, hence the name Adelphi which is the greek word for brothers.
The cotton mill was soon converted to silk production. Sadly the mill has now been converted to offices.

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