Saturday, 2 June 2012

Yesterday we travelled from Fradeley Junction to Rugeley in Staffs. Stayed overnight and did our shopping in the local Morrisons
Today we travelled on the Trent and Mersey up to Weston upon Trent, which is about 3 miles up from Great Haywood
The Trent and Mersey is a very picturesque canal, passing Cannock Chase and Shugborough Hall.
There appears to be a lot more activity on the waterways today.
A couple of incidents to mention. At Rugeley because the water was shallow we had to moor about 3 foot from the bank and put down our gang-plank. Wallace was on the bank when a Scotty dog decided to have a go at him. Wallace jumped back not realising we were away from the bank, and susequently landed in the canal. luckily it was shallow enough for him to climb out, but I am afraid his battery powered light up collar was not waterproof.
Today moored up near a bridge, a boat coming through the bridge towards us, failed to spot a 58 foot piece of metal (namely our boat) and hit us. Luckily for him we were both inside at the time, otherwise some verbal exchanges would have occured. Luckily no damage was done to the boat. (Well it is a contact sport)

Below is a picture of us crossing the River Trent via an aqueduct near Rugeley

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