Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We joined the Huddersfield Narrow Canal today. This is our 10th river/canal since setting off, and we have completed over 200 miles..
The start of the Huddersfield was very dirty and full of rubbish. But that soon changed after 2 locks.
We have moored up at Stalybridge, this is because Wendy has to travel to Birmingham for her Olympic induction tomorrow. (she is not entering the olympics, but is a volunteer for Cadbury's, one of the main sponsors of the games). I keep telling her she will be in a Cadbury's Cream Egg outfit.
We were asked by another boater today if we were going through Standedge Tunnel. This is the longest tunnel in the UK.
We told him we were. He then asked what day we were travelling through it. We said we didn't know.
Evidently, and nothing is written in any guides, or on web sites. Standege Tunnel is only open on Mondays, Wenesdays and Fridays, and, only 3 boats per hour are allowed through from 1.00pm -3.00pm.
On mooring at Stalybridge we contacted Standege only to find we can travel through on Wednesday week.
So now we have 8 miles and 14 locks to do in over a week. Slow going but at least we will have time to explore the area.
Sorry no photographs today. We do not post photographs if we are mooring for more than 24 hours in one place

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