Sunday, 17 June 2012

8.00am this morning. Cloudy and rain. 9.00am this morning, looking brighter. So we make a break for it. 16 locks to do, and they are very deep locks.
The Start

All the locks are empty so we have to fill them up before the boat can enter, this takes about 5 mins per lock.

We did not meet a single boat coming up the other way, which is very unusual. Although we did comandeer a few passers by to give us a hand.

The Final Lock Opening

Shortly after completing the locks we were faced with 2 tunnels and 3 aqueducts

Train Viaduct next to Canal Aqueduct (Old V New)

We have completed just 3 miles in 4 hours and 20 minutes, and dropped over 150 feet.
We are nearing the end of the Peak Forest canal. It has been very spectacular, and we have really enjoyed it, despite the weather.

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