Monday, 25 June 2012

We have moved to Uppermill today, and we are now officially in Yorkshire.
The views are really spectacular.
 However the canal is very low in water, because of leakages. (with all this rain as well)
I was preparing a lock for Wendy to bring the boat into, when I received a call on my radio, "I'm grounded, can you come and help?"
As I had the camera with me I couldn't resist the above picture.
We finally managed to free the boat by letting water from the lock out by opening the paddles. However this caused further problems, as it drained the water from above the lock.
Luckily two British Waterways engineers approached as we sat in the lock waiting for the water level to rise. We told them our problem. They told us that a boat was in the next lock coming down, and the water from that lock would fill the channel.
As we watched the water level rise we set off again. As we saw the other boat approach we moved to the right, as did the other boat. Suddenly we both stopped. Grounded.
As we waited for the other boat to free itself I asked if his boat was an Aqualine boat? He told us it was, so we had a long conversation regarding our boat manufacturer,
After freeing ourselves, it was a very slow journey to Uppermill, as we had to keep to the middle of the canal and keep the speed to the minimum to avoid grounding again.
 It took us two attempts to moor at Uppermill, due to the lack of water, but we are here.
The village is typical Yorkshire, cobbled sidestreets and very friendly people. The only downside is the visitors moorings are under trees, so it is very dark. Which is a shame, as we have had a really sunny afternoon.
Last night we watched the England game in the local pub with another couple who are also going through the tunnel on Wednesday. Sorry to finish on a sad note

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