Friday, 29 June 2012

Sorry made a spelling error. I thought it was Standege Tunnel, when in fact it is Standedge. Only realised when I saw the sign at Marsden.
Thursday we stayed at Marsden. A lovely little town. The people were really friendly and we had a meal in an Italian Restaurant which was excellent.
Afterwards we visited a local pub, where we discovered our neighbours on the canal, Pete and Lin. A nice couple whom we met daily over the past week.
We heard the radio reports of bad weather, hailstones, flash floods etc. But we experienced nothing at all. In fact Wendy sat on the back of the boat in the afternoon in a tee shirt, doing her cross stitch in glorious sunshine.
Today started with rain and cloud with heavy winds. So we went into the town and topped up our provisions.
We decided at lunchtime to set off, starting at lock 42E, which means we have 42 locks to do before we complete the Huddersfield Canal.
We moored up between lock 32 and 31 for the evening, having decended 150ft.
We are now in the middle of nowhere between Marsden and Slaithwaite (pronounced slough it)
As we settled in for the evening a boat passed us. Shortly after we had a knock on the side of the boat. I went out to see a man standing on the back of our boat. He said, "Peewee? Are you Mr Ponting who wrote the article in"  I replied, "Yes"  "Bloody good article, now I know there is somebody out there who thinks the same as me, winging b******s aint we?"
We had a short conversation then he set off again.
Tomorrow we are going down another 11 locks to Slaithwaite or "Slough it" as they call it.
Bit like calling Gloucester "Gler" (Might catch on)
Will add pictures tomorrow

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