Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Today we travelled from Bollington to High Lane. We are now only 2 miles from Marple Junction, which is the end of the Macclesfield Canal.
Last night we had a meal at the Bay Leaf Indian Restaurant in Bollington. They had a special price for meals on Mon - Thurs  3 courses £7.95 each. Now you can't go wrong at that price, and the food was excellent. (Highly recommended)
We also stopped at the Trading Post chandlery today. A very friendly shop with an excellent stock of goods. We bought a new chimney because our old one fell to pieces as we removed it before entering Harecastle Tunnel.
The weather has been bright but cool. We had an e-mail from waterscape today telling us that Upper Lode Lock and Diglis Lock is closed until further notice because of the high waters on the River Severn. After being stuck in Gloucester for 2 weeks at the start of our trip, we feel sorry for anybody in the same predicament.
Tonight we are going to the Bull's Head for light refreshments.
The picture below was taken this morning of our mooring at Bollington. Can you spot the mistake we made? (the clue is security)

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