Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Walked into Uppermill this morning to buy provisions, a really lovely village, which we must visit again.
Set off around 11.00am as we only have a short trip today. This is because the locks leading up to Standege Tunnel are locked to preserve water within the tunnel. We are currently going up locks. Once we have travelled through the tunnel we will be going down locks, so Standege Tunnel is basically a holding point for water.
We are currently 565ft above sea level.
Standege Tunnel is 3 miles long which is the longest in the country.We have a British Waterways person on our boat to guide us through. We also have to wear hard hats and life jackets. Wallace has to be restrained within the boat, so as not to cause distraction, (British Waterways staff are frightened of dogs)
I know this all sounds very frightening, but health and safety in this country has gone mad. In the olden days a man and a woman would have lay on a plank and walked the boat through.
The locks we have to negotiate tomorow

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