Monday, 18 June 2012

We have finished the Peak Forest Canal. But not without challenges.
We needed water and a pump-out.
On consulting the Nicholson Canal Guide for the area, we found a boatyard which was on route. However on arriving we found only private moorings, the boatyard had closed in 2010.
Proceeding onwards we knew another yard was near the junction.
On arriving and manoevering through a tricky boatyard, we were told we had to reverse out, turn the boat around and reverse in. So, we proceeded to carefully reverse. Wendy noted that a hire boat was leaving the service area, and heading at speed towards us. A man on the front of the boat held a mop out as if to fend off our boat. As they approached our boat, with Mr Mopman ready and in position, I shouted, "Halt" In my best possible German accent. I then said, "Can you please wait until we have finished our manoever" With this Mr Mopman dropped his guard and the boat stopped.
We continue to reverse, and position ourselves ready to do the turn. In the meantime the hire boat has shot out of the boatyard entrance, not realising he had a very tight right hand turn, as they hit the opposite bank, Mr Mopman is unable to contain his fury at not being able to turn a 20 ton boat with a wooden handled mop.
After we had finished in the boatyard, we had to look for a mooring. We reversed a little way back down from the boatyard, only to find the water was too shallow to moor.
We continued to the junction, which had very little mooring available.  We did notice a nice mooring about 200yards from the junction, on the Ashby Canal. One which we had not intended on doing. But here we are.
It seems we have spent most of the day practicing our reversing technique.
Tomorrow, we will travel the 200yards from the Ashby Canal to join the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
Peak Forest, Ashby, Huddersfield Canals Junction

Moored on the Ashby Canal

Junction as we approach

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