Saturday, 16 June 2012

Peak Forest Canal

We had to leave Bugsworth Basin on Friday, as we are only allowed to moor for 48 hours.  We were both very sad to leave such a lovely location.   After filling up with water and stopping at Tesco's for our weekly shop, we were on our way again.  The weather is not good and we are hit by hail stones and strong winds.   I think everyone must have been in a hurry today, when approaching a foot bridge the previous passing boat had left the bridge open and a poor dog walker was stranded on the other side of the canal.  We came to the rescue and closed the bridge after passing through.  We decide to pull over about a mile from Marple, as the weather is not improving and we moor up for the rest of the day.   Pete spends the next hour trying to get a television signal, so we can watch the England game tonight.  His patience and perseverance pays off and we are rewarded with an England win.

Above pictures is the views from both sides of our current mooring.

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