Friday, 13 July 2012

We went and had a meal at the Pear Tree Inn last night. It is situated beween the Canal and the River Calder. A very nice friendly pub serving good food.
After our meal, it was a pub quiz. So we decided to stay on, even though in the past we have always finished in the lower end. (hence we call ourselves "Crap at Quizzes")
True to form we came last. But not all was lost. As a bobby prize, we received 2 £7.00 vouchers, which covered our meals. Result!

This morning the Calder had descended another 6". So at 9.00am a decision was taken that we would move on.

We had looked at the lock the previous evening, and decided that both ourselves and Pete & Lynn on Blue on Blue would both go in the lock together. This worked well untill I had to pick Wendy up on a landing stage just outside the lock. Having drifted past her with the current, I decided to turn the boat around and go upstream to collect her.  Once Wendy was on we proceeded.

We stopped at Mirfield to do some shopping, then continued to Shepley Bridge, where, according to our guide book was a Boatyard. We are low on water and diesel, plus we need a pump-out. We found the BW station and filled up with water. Pete walked to the boatyard only to find that they had ceased trading. (We have enough diesel for at least 2 week, but the pump-out is getting desperate)

We have now moored at Thornhill Lees, just outside Dewsbury (Dewsbury is where Wallace was born) And, just for a change it has started raining.

At least we are moving again.
Approaching a flood lock gate (note the weir to the right)

View of weir when passing

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