Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Following a very nice evening in Silsden, we set off this morning. The weather has changed from glorious sunshine to cloudy and overcast. (looking at weather forecasts, we are consistently 5 degrees colder up here)

We had 6 miles and 10 swing bridges to complete before reaching Skipton. Some of the swing bridges are ingenious. For example on one swing bridge the instructions are as follows "Insert BW key and turn clockwise to lower barriers. Once barriers are down turn BW key anti-clockwise to release key.  Using windlass turn left hand key 18 times anti-clockwise to release bridge wedge. Then use windlass and turn right hand key 36 times clockwise to open bridge. To close bridge reverse the procedure" All good fun,but not to the motorists we are holding up.

Out of the 10 swing bridges, Wendy worked 2 whilst Pete managed 1. This is because for the first time since Stone in Staffs in May, we have met traffic. The canals have been that quiet.

Skipton is a really nice town, and we have decided to explore it tomorrow, as it is raining here at the moment. So sorry no pictures today. But we will make up for it tomorrow

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