Friday, 20 July 2012

We are once again stuck!!!!!!

We woke up yesterday to find that the flood lock gates at the entrance of Clarence Docks, were locked shut.

The water within the basin had risen over 1ft, and the river was flowing very fast and was in red condition.

As it was a very sunny day, we decided to explore Leeds again. This time we had a goal. We had heard that the Queen was visiting the City Centre.

We arrived in the City Centre to find thousands of people lining the streets. Large screens had been erected and live pictures were being shown of her arrival.

She did a walkabout to the cheering crowd, and then performed some civic duty which we couldn't see. Then she left. But we did get a real close view of her in her car.

We then went exploring the City, including visiting the oldest pub in the City. Whitelocks est 1715..
The Corn Exchange is a fine feature building

So today we are once again waiting for a river to subside, but we have plenty to keep us busy.
It is wet and miserable, but we are optomistic about continuing early tomorrow morning.

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