Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Clarence Docks, Leeds

We have finally reached Leeds.

We left Woodlesford around 10.00am, having just 4 miles and 4 locks to complete.

Although the weather was bright, it was very windy.  Wendy did most of the driving and even took the boat through a lock. (her first rver lock)

The final lock before Clarence docks proved to be challenging. The mooring stage before the lock was very low in water and the back became stuck, after freeing it the wind blew us against the stage and held us there. As Wendy prepared the lock for entry, Pete had to push the front of the boat right out, then use a pole to free us again at the back, but we made it eventually.

On entering Clarence Dock there was only 1 mooring available at the very end of the pontoon. The wind was very strong, so we stopped the boat mid water and let the wind push us sideways to the pontoon. (who needs bow-thrusters?)

In the docks are electrical hook up points. Which is very unusual. Pete noticed that one near us had .80p credit, so we have plugged in. (we have bought a £1 top up)  We also have water next to the boat. (So Wendy is now on her third load of washing)

We are staying in Leeds today to have some retail therapy, and, much needed haircuts.

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