Monday, 16 July 2012

Last night we had a meal in what is claimed to be the second largest pub in Yorkhire, and believe me it was huge.  Food and drinks up here are really cheap. 2 courses plus drinks £27.00.

We filled up with diesel this morning before setting off. Although Stanley Ferry was a very nice place, and one which we could have both stayed at for another day.

After 1/2 mile we encountered our first wide lock, joined shortly by two other boats.

Following the other two boats we soon moved into lock 2. Shortly after that the third lock that joins the river, had a problem, which BW men were trying to solve.  It was soon sorted and we then had five boats enter the lock.

As we entered the river section we passed a gravel wharf. This is where they load 600 ton barges with gravel. One barge was being loaded, and to be honest we would not like to meet one of those on a corner.

We then turned left before Castleford. And joined the Aire & Calder Navigation.

At this point it started to rain.

After 4 miles we and two other boats entered the Lemonryod Lock. This is used by oil tankers taking fuel to the depot less than 1/2 mile up river. Luckily none were in our vicinity.

The rain continued so we stopped for lunch.

After lunch the sun came out and we moved another mile to the next lock at Woodlesford.

We have decided to stay here the night as we are now only 4 miles and 4 locks away from Leeds City centre.
Near the end of the Calder & Hebble with 3 of our 4 companions in front

Gravel boat being loaded

Moored by Woodlesford Lock

As a point of interest over 2000 views have been made to this blog. So thank you to everybody showing an interest in our journey

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