Saturday, 28 July 2012

We are still at Gargrave.
Last night we went to the Mason's Arms for a meal, as it was Wendy's Birthday. We then returned to the boat to watch the Olympic opening ceremony.
Today we moved up two locks, but still in Gargrave. The weather is very sunny but heavy winds. Coming out of the second lock the boat was going up the canal sideways, so we moored up.
And glad we are. There are 3 boat hire companies within the area. With the high winds and multiple hire boats returning/setting off, we have seen boats disapearing into ovehanging trees, hitting locks, hitting each other, lock gates being left open, lock paddles being left open and a crew on a hire boat firing a home made missile at the ducks, whilst dressed as pirates.
Better safe than sorry. So we will continue tomorrow, after the mayhem receeds.

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