Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We moved from Huddersfield on Monday morning on hearing the Calder & Hebble navigation was open.
After completing 7 locks and 3 miles, we stopped due to heavy rain. We also heard that the C&H had again closed.
So here we are again, waiting for a river to drop in level, so we can continue.
Luckily our new found friends Peter & Lynn are with us on their boat  "Blue on Blue". So we have good company in the evenings.
One interesting point about the Huddersfield Broad Canal is the locks. They are 57'.6" in length. Our boat is 58' in length. But, being a broad canal means that they are wide locks 14'.2" So we have to go in at an angle so we are in diagonally.
Once the boat has descended, the lock gates open inwards, towards the boat. This means we have to open one gate then push the boat across to clear the other lock gate before exiting. All good fun.
PEEWEE & Blue on Blue Moored up and waiting

Calder & Hebble in Flood

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