Saturday, 14 July 2012

We moved from Thornhill Lees this morning.

We were getting desperate for a pump out, so we rang the marina in Dewsbury to see if they were open on a Saturday and if the they had pump out facilities. After 2 yes's we decided to make the 3/4 mile detour up the Dewsbury arm.

We had two locks before the Dewsbury arm. After the first lock we met a man coming up the next lock. He told us that the turning up to the Dewsbury arm was very tight, and that we should reverse into the lock.

We both looked at the situation, and it was very tight. But if we reversed in, we could not gauge the front of the boat in relation to the cill as we descended. (we are still in 57.6ft locks and have to go in diagonally)  We did not want the front of the boat catching the cill and leave us hanging and causing damage, so we entered the lock normally.

As we left the lock, we turned slightly right, then straight ahead to a bridge wall. Once we had made light contact with the front fender, we were able to turn the boat, with just enough room to get around.

After we had our pump out we rejoined the Calder & Hebble, and shortly met up again with Blue on Blue.

We are now moored up at Horbury. A small village between Dewsbury and Wakefield.

The weather has improved and we are in sunshine and short sleeves. Not sure how long it will last though.

Sychronized boating with Blue on Blue

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