Thursday, 5 July 2012

We arrived at Huddersfield yesterday afternoon, and once again, we had problems.
The first was when we got up in the morning. Because the water had dropped overnight due to leaking locks, we were virtually leaning at 45 degrees.  I discussed this with the people moored up behind us Pete & Lynn, whom we had been travelling with for the last week.
I walked up to the last lock we had come through and it was half full, but the pound above it was empty. I then walked up to the lock before that and it was empty but the pound above it was full. So I filled the lock then emptied it into the empty pound below.
Still no water had entered our section of canal. So I proceeded to fill the lock again.
This time I heard a woman shout that they were coming down. I duly filled the lock and opened the gate for them, although by now the pound they were about to enter was really low, but the water they would release from the lock above would see them through.
I returned to the boat and untied as did Pete & Lynn.
When the other boat had descended we were afloat once again and moved to the middle of the canal once it had passed.
So now it was a hoping game for the 3 of us, to see if there would be enough water in the canal to allow a convoy of 3 boats down.

We did manage to ground ourselves on a couple of occasions, but we got through most of it.

As we entered Huddersfield, the last lock on the narrow section. It was closed.

British Waterways were undergoing repairs.

After a delay of over an hour (In which time Wallace had run off and became a fellow of the University of Huddersfield) We proceeded.

We are moored up an Aspley Basin, and have stayed here all day. The weather has been lovely, hot and sunny reaching 23 degrees.

Below are photographs from our mooring.
Tomorrow we set off on the wide canal up to the Calder & Hebble navigation.
The last lock on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal (after repair) Wendy & Lynn in action

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