Monday, 13 August 2012

Yesterday we travelled through Blackburn.
Although we had heard conflicting reports, it was very good. Everybody was really friendly, and we met up with a really nice couple, who came through the 6 locks with us.

As with any city you get good places and bad places.

We travelled 4 miles further than Blackburn, and moored up in torrential rain at Riley Green. A small hamlet, but really pretty.

In the evening we went to the local pub and had a superb meal followed by a drink with our new found companions. We finished the evening, back on our boat, watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Today Pete walked the 3 miles to our first lock. (mainly because he had run out of tobacco) So Wendy did her first solo run.

We completed the 7 locks, once again with help.
It has been sunny but very windy, making the maneovering into the locks an adventure.

We are now at Addlington in Gt Manchester. Yorkshire and Lacashire have now passed.

Our next challenge is the Wigan Flight. 21 locks in just over a mile.  That is 3 miles away from where we are moored at present.

We have had 2 busy days  so we are not sure what to do tomorrow. We really like the companionship and company we have enjoyed during the last two days, and Addlington has very little to offer. We will see what happens tomorrow???

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