Sunday, 12 August 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

Although I have finished working at Kraft Foods, I volunteered last year to help at the Olympics. I travelled up to London from Hapton to Euston Station on Sunday 5 August, arriving at Passfield Hall, my accommodation for the week.   I started my first shift on Monday morning at Hyde Park.

Wendy working at Hyde Park, selling chocolate and ice creams in the Cadbury Treat Hut

Lunch break at Hyde Park

As part of my volunteering I received a ticket to the Olympic stadium to watch the athletics.  This was a fantastic experience and I even managed to meet up with Hazel and Peter Brook, which was amazing considering the number of people at the stadium.  The highlight of my experience was watching Usain Bolt run in the 200m heats.

Usain Bolt crossing the finishing line

Wendy in front of the Orbit Sculpture at the Olympic Stadium

London was really impressive and the organisers of the Olympic games should be proud, everyone was really friendly and help was on hand at every corner..

We were also taken on an evening trip up the Thames, to see the lights of London, once again this was an experience not to be forgotten.

London at night from the Thames

I consider myself really lucky to have been given this opportunity to volunteer at the games and it will be an experience I will always remember but 5 days in London is enough and it was lovely to return to the tranquillity of the boat and cruising the canals.

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