Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Last night we stayed at Foulbridge, but had such bad mobile signals we could not update the blog.
Foulbridge itself is a lovely little village. However, they do not have anything in the way of shops, just 2 pubs, one of which looked a right dive. We had lunch at the New Inn, which was excellent.

Today we moved on through Foulbridge Tunnel (approx 1 mile long, see below)

Entering Foulbridge Tunnel

The end is in sight
Wendy steered through the tunnel

We then had to go through a flight of 7 locks. At the first lock, we were met by a man who had a boat moored in private moorings. He informed us that 3 boats had been broken into last night.

We have been told that the Burnley area is not a safe area to moor. So we have moored up in the middle of nowhere, and after checking the area out, we are near an industrial estate, about a mile from any houses.

Tomorrow we will travel right through Burnley (10 miles but no locks)

We suppose that it is time to get back to reality

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