Thursday, 16 August 2012

We left Dover Bridge this morning, after a day of rain, but a much needed break.

We are now back to our normal pace.

We stopped at Leigh near Manchester for water and supplies. And to be honest after looking around the centre, that is all it is good for.

Continuing on we realised that at Astley Green, there was a museum of the coal industry including Astley Colliery. So we went and had a look

We were informed that they would be starting the pit head engines up and if we wanted to see it working we were more than welcome.

At the height of production these steam driven engines were lifting 9 ton of coal every 2 minutes. Amazing.

We met a man who worked at the colliery from 1957 -1965, who told us all about the conditions, and the closure programme.  Astley closed in 1972, although it was one of the most successful pits.

Tomorrow we will be in Manchester. Wendy wants to visit the Trafford Centre..

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