Sunday, 19 August 2012

We moved from the Trafford Centre yesteday, and decided to go for it.

We passed through Stretford and Sale in Manchester, which is surprisingly clean and pleasant.

We then moved into the countryside, and at a place called Little Bollington, we entered Cheshire.

After 12 miles of travelling, which took 4 hours, we arrived at Lymm, in beautiful sunshine.

Lymm is a lovely little town full of small bars and restaurants including: Italian, Turkish, Mediteranian, Indian and Chinese. So we are spoilt for choice.

We decided to stay for another day here, but had no internet connection so we shuffled the boat around, and we are now connected.

This morning we took Wallace around the Lymm Dam

Lymm is quite an affluent place, with even the public toilets having an oriental sound to them

We will be setting off again tomorrow.

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