Thursday, 2 August 2012

We had a very peaceful night last night despite what we were told.
Today we set off and headed towards Burnley. Everybody we have met has told us to pass Burnley as quick as possible.
We found the journey into Burnley very enjoyable, the scenery was very interesting.
We were told that we could moor by Tesco and shop near the canal. As we approached we saw a number of men drinking from clear bottles, trying to thumb a lift. So we continued.

We then found the BW services at Rose Grove, where we stopped. We found the local shops and topped up supplies.

We continued to Hapton. This is where we will be staying for the next week, as Wendy will be going to London on Sunday as a volunteer for the Olympic games.

So, Pete has  a good view, a shop, takeaway and pub.

Our blog may be suspended for a week as there will not be much to report, sorry about this, but we will continue. Thank you for following us

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