Friday, 24 August 2012

We arrived at Anderton around 11.30am on Wednesday. We were told that the next available slot was 1.30pm.

At 1.00pm we were on the holding mooring and being briefed.. At 1.30 we manoevered the boat into the lift basin, then along the channel and into the lift. Another boat came alongside.
After the completion of safety checks, we started to descend. A little bumpy at first but then gliding down the 50ft to the bottom. It takes 7 minutes in total.
Once released we moved out onto the River Weaver. A very slow winding river.
After passing through Saltersford Lock we contined to the Acton Swing Bridge and moored up for the night.
On Thursday we left quite early and headed back to Anderton to drop our guest off. We then proceeded to Northwich. After visiting the town centre we headed back to Anderton.

We stayed at Anderton last night.
This morning we set off early as we have had problems with boaters speeding past.
When we arrived back at our boat last night, a neighbour boater was hitting our mooring pins in. He told us that a boat had gone past so fast that it pulled our pins out, and we were drifting across the canal. (Hire Boats)
We are now moored outside Northwich.
We have decided that we have enough time to go to the Llangollen Canal, which we did 10 years ago in a hire boat.


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