Thursday, 13 September 2012

We arrived in Llangollen yesterday afternoon.
The trip in was as we expected, very narrow
You have 2 very narrow sections, one is 300 yards long the other is 500 yards long.

Wendy walked ahead using the radio to tell me what was happening ahead.

As we approached Llangollen the current from the River Dee which feeds the canal, reduced our speed to near crawling pace.
We are now in the Llangollen basin. It costs £6.00 per night to moor here, but with free water and electricity, we have taken advantage and the washing machine has been working overtime.

We can only stay a maximum of 48 hours, so we have to leave tomorrow.

We are expecting friends around lunchtime, and sadly that is it. We will be heading home.

We did have an incident whilst mooring in the basin. As Pete was reversing the boat to our mooring, Wendy jumped off with the centre rope, and we heard a rattle followed by a splash.

Our GPS mounted on velcro slipped over the side into the water. It contained all the data of our trip. We have been trying to retrieve it, even buying a fishing net, but to no avail. Luckily we backed everything up on our computer each evening, so we still have the data. I feel an insurance claim coming on, as it was quite expensive.

Some friends from our marina rang yesterday and asked if they could join us?  They will be leaving Saul Junction on Monday. We both thought that was really nice. We should meet them somewhere on the Shropshire Union Canal. We are both looking forward to meeting them again.

Hopefully once we rejoin the main canal network, our internet signal will improve, and we can resume the daily updates.

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