Sunday, 30 September 2012

Today we have moved 1-1/2 miles to Greenforge. Which took us 1hr 20mins, including 2 locks.

We have a pleasant mooring, although it is overlooked by trees either side

The Staffs & Worcs canal is very unusual with the lock layouts (see below)

The lock is closed, but the little tunnel on the left is where you pick up the person who has operated the lock. So after you move the boat out of the lock, you stop to allow the peson to shut the gates and then rejoin you. Very clever. If you look at the third picture from yesterday's blog you will see a small tunnel on the left. That is where you pick the person up.

The bonus of staying so near to the lock is shown below
The Navigation Public House, complete with resident ghost, although we have been in there twice before and not seen it. Third time lucky.
The Severn is still in flood, but we are hoping to make it to Stourport by Wednesday. We will then hopefully not have to wait to long before we can make the 2 day journey back to Gloucester.

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