Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Queing at Tyrley Locks

High Bridge, Grub Street Cutting

Very narrow section
We left Norbury Junction early this morning as we had heard of rain coming our way.
We completed the 7 miles to Wheaton Aston just as the rain started around 11.30.
We have also heard that the River Severn is in flood and closed to all boats.
Yesterday it rained all day, so we stayed put. We did venture out to buy some provisions.
It was in Norbury Chandlery that we saw an item we have been looking for all summer. We had been asking many boaters, where they had purchased theirs from, but most said they had bought one, and had it painted.
This one was the right colours for our boat, so we took the plunge and bought it.
What do you think??

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