Saturday, 29 September 2012

We are now at Swindon in Staffs.

We left Brewood on Friday morning and shortly joined the Staffs & Worcs canal. Mooring shortly after at Compton. (No internet or telephone signal again)

Wallace (our dog) has been scratching a lot lately, and bald patches have appeared in his skin. So we needed to find a vet. We found a vet and made an appointment, then booked a taxi, (which did not turn up on time) when it did turn up, we turned it away, as we had booked another, which did turn up on time. (after we rearranged the vet appointment ).

It appears Wallace may have Scabbies (Mange) which he is now being treated.

Today we travelled 6.5 miles and negotiated 13 locks, which took us 5 hours. However we are no hurry as the Severn is still in flood, and the lockeeper at Bratch locks informed us that it will be at least another 3 days before the levels have dropped to enable navigation.

The Staffs & Worcs canal is very picturesque (see below)

6" Stoplock, joining Shropshire Union Canal to Staffs & Worcs canal

Bratch 3 rise locks (we are descending)

Leaving Bratch locks

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