Monday, 8 October 2012

We rang Upper Lode lock early this morning, and were informed that the Severn had gone down by nearly 2 foot overnight. However it was still too high to travel.

We were told to ring back at midday.

We rang back at 12.00. The river had dropped, but was 1.7 metres above normal. If we wished to proceed, they would open both Upper Lode lock and Gloucester lock, if we sign an indemnity form.

Basically this means we are not insured, but can travel.

Richard needed to get back, because he runs his own business, we had radio contact between boats, so we decided to go for it. Worst case scenario, if one of us broke down, we could come alongside and tie the two boats together and use one engine to power both boats.

However all went fine. A bit nervy for both of us, but we are now moored in Gloucester Docks


Gloucester Lock


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