Friday, 12 October 2012

Firstly, thank you to everybody who contacted us offering a lift to pick up our car.

On Wednesday we travelled to Slimbridge to meet up with Ray & Caz on their boat Rose.

We have not seen them for over a year, and hearing that they were near, was too good an opportunity to meet up again.

On Thursday we took the boat back to Saul Junction Marina, where we have a new mooring. No 86.
Not far from our old mooring.

We stayed on the boat Thursday night, and met up with the friends we have made in the marina.

Today we drove home.

Turning into the Stroudwater canal at Saul Junction

Entering Saul Junction Marina

Our new mooring
Sadly, this is it, the end of our trip.  We have had a great time, met some great people, seen some great places.
Can we thank everybody who has followed our blog throughout our travels. We have had 3,691 views. We hope you have found it interesting, as we have enjoyed writing it.
Sorry, but here endeth the blog
(until next time)


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  1. Well I caught up with you blog in the end.. And now it is the end!

    It was nice to meet up with you on the Staffs & Worcs and hopefully will do the same another time!