Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yesterday we had an easy day. In fact we didn't move. We walked into Knowle, which is a very pleasant village, bought fresh bread from the local baker, which proved to be the best bread we have ever eaten, returned to the boat and had a pub lunch at the Herons Nest
Today we had to travel to Copt Heath Wharf, where we will be leaving the boat for 2 nights as we have a wedding to go to in Stroud.
Wendy walked ahead to the Knowle 5 locks to open the 1st lock ready for the boat to enter. On arriving at the lock it was sealed with yellow tape and padlocks had been fitted.
Wendy returned to the boat and we went to the British Waterways web site to find what the problem was.
The Canal was closed from the Knowle locks to the Camp Hill locks in Solihull due to a fire at a furniture factory next to the canal, and the Environment Agency had closed the canal due to contamination. So we had to sit and wait.
At 3.00pm we were told the stretch of canal would be re-opening soon.
We set off just after 3.00, and arrived at the wharf just after 6.00pm.

We will continue the blog on Sunday. Thank you to everybody who has been watching our trip so far.

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