Saturday, 19 May 2012

Arrived at Sratford on Avon today.
Last night we stayed at Bidford on Avon, but had no signals whatsoever. So, we went to a local pub for an evening meal, really good £23 for two meals and drinks, oh and Wendy had a dessert.
Today we had a bit of excitement, on rounding a bend a narrowboat was blocking the river. As we approached he told us he was grounded. So we edged up to him, attached his rear rope and pulled him backwards off the riverbed. He was really interesting, turns out he was born on a narrowboat, and was transporting china gifts to Stratford.
So here we are. Tomorrow we will be photographed by lots of Japanese as we go from the Avon onto the Stratford canal. The lock seperating the two is always full of tourists. Hope we get it right.
Below is a photograph of the boat with the Holy Trinity Church behind us. (Shakespears final resting place)

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