Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 14th May
We celebrated Pete's birthday with friends at the Bell Inn at Frampton last night.
We had an e-mail from British Waterways today telling us the Severn was now clear.
So, we travelled to Sainsbury's in Gloucester and stocked up, did some final shopping in the Quays. Fitted the anchor, checked the engine levels etc.
So now we are ready for an early start on Tuesday. The River Avon is clear, so it looks like a big GO.
We will stay in Tewkesbury tomorrow night then head for Pershore on Wednesday.
Although we have been delayed a week, it has given us the oppurtunity to test out everything before travelling up the Severn/Avon.
Spirits are high and we are now fully relaxed and looking forward to the start of our journey

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