Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tewkesbury to Pershore

Following a very enjoyable evening in Tewkesbury

We set off for Pershore on Tuesday morning.

The weather has so far been very kind and it was a great cruise up the Avon to Pershore.

Reaching Pershore we found only two moorings available, which we gladly took.

As evening approached more boats came looking for moorings. It was only Richard and ourselves that offered other boats the opportunity to moor up alongside our boats for the evening. It is sad that boaters are now becoming very selfish.

 Our mooring in Pershore

We decided that as Pershore was such a nice Town, we would stay on Wednesday, and let the other boats continue, so we would not have the same mooring problem as we had in Pershore. All the other boaters had told us they were moving up to Evesham the next day, which is where we were heading

So, on Weds we visited the Pershore indoor market and bought all local fresh produce, and in the evening, sat by our boats and had a fantastic BBQ. This is the life.

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